The vision of The Youth Leadership Summit began in the heart of Sandi Galaura a Children’s Pastor in 2006, to raise up a generation of young people to not only attend church, but to be the church. Her desire was to train them to walk in their callings at a young age and to be a part of the body of Christ now, serving in whichever way the Lord called them to as a child. The Summit has grown over the years and through this powerful time, many young people have gone on to develop into mature men and women who continue to serve the Lord in their local churches. Others are in the Mission Field, and are attending Bible Schools to become Pastors and Worship Leaders, and Evangelists.

This Youth Leadership Summit is a very unique time. Though we will have fun together as a group, it is a learning experience that will be like no other. Children will have a choice on Saturday to choose elective classes that they will fully participate in to  develop the gifts that God has given them, and which they feel is leading them in the direction of their ministry calling.

Youth will also have wonderful times of bonding and prayer with one another as they spend two nights away from the busyness of their everyday lives. There will be powerful group teaching sessions as well as anointed worship both morning and night.

If your Youth would like to attend this very powerful time, please fill out the registration form, and mail it in right away! They don’t want to miss out on this life-changing weekend!


Moving towards God

So much of what the church in America is doing  these days within children and youth ministries is just entertaining our kids, when what they really are longing for is to be involved. To be a part of the move of God, not just sit back and watch.

Key Elements

The Summit brings several speakers together who have a passion for young people and want to see them be all that God has called them to be. Coming together for corporate worship, prayer and teaching with one goal and that is to seek the Lord.

Global Impact

At the Youth Leadership Summit we equip, encourage and commission.  Sending them forth in a covering of prayer to do mighty things for the kingdom.


It is a time set apart for young people who desire to seek the face of God and to truly understand God’s divine call upon their lives for ministry even at a young age.

Kids reaching kids can change the world!

When you reach kids at a young age, you build a foundation within them that will never be destroyed.

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