A word from Sandi,

Hey kids,

The greatest book in the whole world is God’s Word, the Bible. Each page holds truth of who God is and how much He loves you. I have recorded these short one minute devotionals for you to listen to each day to remember that you are not alone, and that there is an answer to every problem you will ever face. God’s word should challenge you every day to grow in your walk with him.

So listen up, pull up a chair and get your Bible ready as we walk through Gods word together! And after listening, there will be a challenge for you to put into action what you just heard.

Send me an email and let me know what you are doing to affect your home, school and community. You can make a difference by impacting your world with the love of Jesus!

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Work Hard!

by Sandi Galaura | The Net Ministries Inc.


When you go to school today, remember that you’re working for God not for men. That means to do your absolute best to honor God. Try harder in your classes, making sure you do all your homework. Don’t be lazy, step up to be the best in your class for God!

Check Your Attitude!

by Sandi Galaura | The Net Ministries Inc.


Your challenge today, is to be kind, respectful, forgiving and gracious to those in your family, as well as your friends. Show love to those who are hurting and reach out with a kind word to make someones day a little brighter.♥


When you see someone being teased or made fun of. Be the change. Bring a smile and word of encouragement to them. You can make a difference!

Choose Friends Wisely

by Sandi Galaura | The Net Ministries Inc.


This week, take a few minutes to really see who your friends are! Are they keeping you on track or causing you to fall away from God?

Getting Stronger

by Sandi Galaura | The Net Ministries Inc.


Take something difficult that you’re going through and give it all to God. Have joy in-spite of how hard it is, and watch to see your attitude change!

Keep It Real!

by Sandi Galaura | The Net Ministries Inc.


Stop trying to be like everyone else! Be Yourself today and let God use who you are to change the world!

Don't Just Listen-Do!

by Sandi Galaura | The Net Ministries Inc.


After reading your bible today, go out and act upon it. Be kind, show your faith, love others, and make a difference!!

You Belong

by Sandi Galaura | The Net Ministries Inc.



Ask God today to show you how valuable you are to Him, and how important you are to the family of God!♥


Bible verse of the day

Let your eyes look straight ahead; fix your gaze directly before you.

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Hello Pastor Sandi,

My mom showed me your website and I found the Just For Kids section. I immediately bookmarked the page on my own phone and made sure to put it on my home page so I see that I can get a daily word from God through you when I look at my phone. I listened to the first devotional and you inspired me to work harder for God and to please Him more.
It seems as though it’s not possible that it’s been three years since Kids Camp, I remember everything you taught me like it was yesterday. I’ve learned a lot of things in three years and one of them was that the devil loves to attack you when you’re working your hardest.
It’s hard to keep your eyes on God with all the worldly distractions especially in high school since there is so much work to do (being homeschooled helps I suppose) but with your daily devotionals I feel like it will be just a little easier for me. You always were a huge encouragement to me and you have greatly impacted my life.
Thank you for all that you have taught me and will continue to teach me and I do hope I get to see you again soon because I miss you a lot.
You are one of the most inspirational Pastors I have ever met and you planted a seed in me my first year of camp to run after God and work for Him even if I stumble and fall every day.

May The Lord bless you greatly and may we meet again soon if it is His will.

Love, Megan 🙂

Were you up to the challenge?